Sweet Bean Couple- Tia and Jelani

Meet the vibrant, adventurous, and oh-so-fun couple, Tia and Jelani!

There’s a magnetic quality about this couple that pulls you in and makes you smile. The energy, charisma, and love between them are inspiring and I have no doubt their wedding will be a dream! Tia and Jelani will be getting married in Fairfield, CT this July.

What’s the story? How’d you two meet?

T- Jelani and I are college sweethearts. We met in 2012 and had dorm rooms on campus. He jokes that he and his friends used to call me G35 before he knew my name because I drove an Infiniti G35. He followed me on Instagram and one day, I noticed he liked a few of my pictures which led me to look at his profile.

J- It all started when I followed Tia on IG. I would say I strategically liked all of her pictures to gain her attention and it worked, ha! I would post quotes from songs that I liked as my captions and tia initiated our first conversation by completing the lyric. That was smooth lol. From back and forth banter she ended up inviting me to her car to listen to music and we’ve been doing so ever since that night. I would say the thing that drew us together was our love to try new things and similar tastes in music.

T- From day one, Jelani said he knew he wanted me to be his wife. He and I have spent every day together since.

We love a good proposal story! Tell us about the big moment!

J- I proposed on Valentine’s Day and I know it’s cliché but that’s exactly why Tia wouldn’t be expecting it. It was set up as a scavenger hunt where in the end she would find me. I put a poem I wrote her in 2013 alongside a nightgown from her favorite brand in her t-shirt draw. While keeping up with the rhyme scheme, I added instructions to meet me in the other room at the end of the poem. After twenty minutes of her looking for an outfit but never reaching to grab the drawer I need her to, I ended up just asking her to grab me a T-shirt to get her to see my surprise. She finally sees the note but once she reads it, she didn’t quite understand the instructions. It got her to come to the other room, where she met me down on one knee. Surprised and full of tears of joy she Said YES!!

T- The proposal came as such a surprise on Valentine’s Day 2020. Jelani wrote sweet love notes and put them all over our house in places that I frequent like the fridge, the bathroom mirror, my nightstand, and my dresser drawers. When I got out of the shower, I did my usual routine of getting ready and found a note in my second drawer on top of a brand new Rae Dunn shirt (i LOVE Rae Dunn!) The note had a sweet acrostic poem that spelled out LOVE. The final line prompted me to go into the living room, but I had a hard time understanding what he meant. After he tried to explain a bit, he eventually told me to come to him and when I did, he was on one knee with a black box in his hand that said RING in Rae Dunn font. He opened the box and asked me to marry him. I, jumping up and down and cheesing ear to ear, said YES!

What are your favorite things to do together?

J- There are so many things that come to mind, but I’ll narrow it down to our top 3. We love to go hiking, kayaking, and as of recent TOPGOLF…TOPGOLF! Can’t just say it once.

T- We started a company together, The Higher Content LLC. We’ve traveled the country networking and providing media coverage! Our personal hobbies include kayaking, traveling, playing Xbox, and a new favorite of ours is Top Golf.

What is an absolute must for your wedding! What are some of your favorite wedding trends right now?

T- I’m loving the photo booth wedding trend. Pictures are important to me so any way to create photographic memories is an awesome plus.

J- To be completely honest, I am not big on trends. I don’t really see an absolute must for our wedding except for my fiancé ❤️

What does your dream wedding day look like?

T- My dream wedding day would be warm and sunny. I hope that Jelani and I remain in good spirits throughout the day and have the best time celebrating our union with our loved ones. NO DRAMA between family members or anyone at the wedding party. How wonderful would it be if everyone is on time? Lol, that would be a dream. Being that our wedding will be held on a public beach, I hope that no beachgoers get in the way of the ceremony or my pictures. I hope the food is great and everyone enjoys the event Jelani and I put together.

J- I would say I am more into the “Feel” than the “look” of my dream wedding. On our day I could imagine the feelings of nervousness, my stomach full of butterflies. Overwhelming energy, from friends and family surrounding us. Euphoric vibrations from the music and dancing. Feeling anxious because I can’t believe it’s finally happening. Pure joy because Tia is finally my wife.

This couple is the epitome of fun and creativity! They have exciting surprises planned for their big day that I know will leave their guests in awe. This will be one magical evening.

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